Photo credit @vulturesonly

Photo credit @vulturesonly

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work! I’ve been shooting for over 25 years; learned the basics before digital; rediscovered photography after I had kids. I’m mostly self-taught, so don’t get super technical with me or ask me for the deep meaning behind my work. I just like to make beautiful images, work alongside other creatives, and deliver the best possible client experience I can.

While my “why” is pretty simple, don’t be fooled, my “how” goes deep. I’ve worked on hundreds of productions big and small, balancing the interests & tastes of multiple departments and bosses. My specialty is problem solving, so whatever the challenge, I’m up for getting it figured out!

Additionally, as the Editor and Creative Director of PATTERN magazine, an award-winning publication about fashion, culture and art in the Midwest, I bring with me a solid understanding of web and graphic design, marketing, social media, PR, brand development, art direction, copy writing and working on a tight deadline. I have a fantastic network of seasoned professionals at my finger-tips and can offer turnkey solutions for your marketing/branding needs or step in simply as a photographer. 

If you’re shopping for the cheapest photographer in town, I’m not your girl. Want a top-notch pro who’ll make you look good, let’s talk!

Got 90 minutes to kill and want to know more about me? Check out my recent (09/26/18) interview on the DRNK CLTR podcast!